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What is Home-Fresh® used for? 

Home-Fresh® Technology is used for preventing the spread of microorganisms, including bacteria on surfaces, and the growth of black mould on walls. 
Home Fresh Detector Pen, Verify there is mould treatment on your wall

Invisible technology made clear 

Home-Fresh® is untraceable to the naked eye and has no negative impact on the wall, paint or plaster. So how do you know it's stopping mould growth? 
Our detector pen can be used to identify where the product has been applied to buildings to give the customer the peace of mind that they are protecting their internal walls and ceilings effectively. 


Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a phenomenon affected by poor indoor air quality in workplaces and enclosed spaces where building occupants spend the majority of their day. Its exact cause is not clear but has been known to cause SBS symptoms that mimic that of the common cold and that general ‘under the weather’ feeling, and once leaving the building, these symptoms of sick building syndrome disappear. As well as excellent ventilation, the integration of Home-Fresh® into flooring, walls, and surfaces could help alleviate these risk factors, and symptoms. 
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