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Hidden technology for healthier homes 

Home-Fresh® technology is an invisible coating developed to prevent mould in buildings that are prone to mould and mildew. It has been scientifically proven to stop mould from developing at the source. 
As a result, homeowners, facilities managers and builders are now able to save money by eliminating mould damage and costly remedial procedures. 

The problem 

People are unaware that mould poses a severe risk to their health, especially for people with allergies, respiratory problems and weakened immune systems. 
The NHS states damp and mould in homes result in people having respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. In fact, 12 million people in the UK live with respiratory issues and the NHS spends approximately £1 billion a year to care for and treat people with asthma. 

Benefits of Home-Fresh® 

Prevents mould spores 
Scientifically proven efficacy 
Easy, practical application 
Saves time and money long term 

Scientifically proven results 

Home-Fresh is the only open-market mould prevention solution to be accredited by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). This verification process takes a year which means that if you need a solution to prevent mould immediately, it is the only tried and tested method of guaranteeing mould and mildew stays away. Our HSE testing involved an extensive six-month experiment, wherein our solution was applied within a shower interior and then subjected to two daily five-minute sessions of water spray. At the conclusion of this trial period, no mould had grown. 

Where to use Home-Fresh® 





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